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Trivia Night

June 30 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Form a team and join your host for Wolf Hills Trivia Night!

Wolf Hills Trivia – House Rules:

1. There are four rounds of four questions each; each round the questions get a bit more difficult. Questions in the first round are worth 5 points, the second round 10 points, the third round 15 points, and the final round 20 points. In the final round, however, you’ll be asked to first wager your points (none, a portion, or all) based upon the category of the clue. After everyone’s wagers are received you’ll be given the final question and your final score will be calculated based upon your answer and wager.

2. Answers will be written on slips of paper with your team name written at the top and turned into the referee. Time limits are determined by the House and will be adhered to – late answers are wrong answers!

3. Those competing in the game are asked to not consult their phones, books, or other devices for answers – that is cheating and you will be disqualified. Decisions on disqualification are the final decision of the MC and/or referee.

4. Your team can be any size but the prize is split between you, so remember – the more people on your team, the more you’re sharing with.

5. If you’re not playing please do those who are the courtesy of not shouting, yelling, or discussing the answer out loud – this is a game and people are trying to have a little fun.


June 30
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm