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Green Initiatives

At Wolf Hills Brewing, how we treat our planet is as important to us as how well we treat your palate. We are dedicated to doing what we can as a brewery to live as green as we possibly can. We have several measures in place to help us recycle and reuse our resources either within the brewery or in our community!

At the Brewery

  • Spent grain is given to local farmers to be used for feeding pigs and cattle.
  • Water from the cold water tank (used in cooling the wort) is reused to clean tanks and equipment.
  • Heat is also collected during wort cooling to be reused throughout brewery processes.
  • Many of the brewery lights are fluorescent.
  • Recycled materials and biodegradable cleaning solutions are used whenever possible.


What You Can Do

  • Buy local – cut down transportation costs and related pollution.
  • Use reusable containers – growlers, kegs, etc.
  • Buy draft beer – no bottles to throw away!
  • When it’s necessary to buy bottles, please recycle.