The Beers

The following are descriptions of popular and past beers brewed at Wolf Hills.
This is not a complete list, all current tap selections can be found listed on the main page.


In 1777, some former lands of Dr. Thomas Walker were laid out into lots along Main and Water streets. On Main Street, numerous hotels and small lodges were established to house the itinerant men who traveled along the Great Road. Hidden down the hill in between Main and Water was a small sidestreet named Troopers Alley. Stepping out the back doors from those Main Street hotels into the Alley, men could find dens of “evil fame,” gambling, and strong ale. Like those establishments, the intense hop bill of this American-style IPA will tempt you with citrus aroma and bitterness. A discrete malt bill of 2-row Pale Malt forms the backbone and a blend of Crystal/Caramel 40 is added for slight sweetness and color to draw you in to the varied hop experience. Simcoe and Columbus hops added throughout the boil provide an alluring bitterness. An enticing blend of Columbus, Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade, and Centennial balances the bitterness with a fragrant aroma and pleasing finish.
5.9% ABV, 67IBUs, 9 SRM
American Pale, Crystal and Caramel 40 malts. Columbus, Cascade, and Amarillo hops.



For the past 75 years, when the mountain air begins to warm in spring, thousands of hikers accept the challenge of traversing the 2,181 mile Appalachian Trail. Along the way, those weary travelers find the familiar white “blaze” trail markers to be a refreshing site guiding them from Maine to Georgia. A similar, original American tradition is the Cream Ale, a clean, dry ale designed as an alternative to mass-produced lagers. Keeping on the path of full flavored, craft beer, our Honey Cream Ale incorporates nearly four pounds per barrel of pure Appalachian honey, rather than adjuncts like corn or rice. The result is a light, crisp, slightly-sweet, session beer evenly balanced between smooth malt, a hint of floral hops, and honey sweetness.
5.0% ABV, 15 IBUs, 4 SRM
American Pale, German Pilsner, White Wheat, Flaked Oats and Honey Malt . Czech Saaz and German Tettnang hops. 3lbs Local Organic Honey per Barrel of Beer.




For many decades, Norfolk & Western trains “creeped” along the steep grade between Abingdon and North Carolina, allowing its passengers the time to take in the beautiful scenery. Today, the railbed has been converted into a trail along which bikers, runners and hikers enjoy views of open farmland, cool laurel forests and stately trestles that cross mountain streams. Resembling the orange and red hues of the Creeper Trail on a warm fall day, this amber ale is focused on sweet caramel malt flavors layered on a solid Munich and Victory malt backbone. These smooth malt flavors are intertwined like Virginia Creeper vines with a strong dose of bittering Magnum and citrusy aroma and flavor hops.
5% ABV, 30IBU, 14 SRM.
American Pale Ale Malt, Munich, Caramel 40 and 120, CaraVienne,  Melanoidin and  Chocolate Malt. Columbus and  Cascade Hops.



A frontiersman and early settler, Rev. Charles Cummings was dubbed the Fightin’ Parson due in equal measure to his experience battling local native tribes as well as his affinity for resting his rifle on the pulpit during sermons.  Like its namesake, Fightin’ Parson’s Pale Ale is an American original. It offers a strong malt background in order to balance intense and complex hop additions. After generous hopping during brewing, we dry hop after fermentation with Simcoe and Amarillo to provide a grapefruit, citrus aroma and flavor.
4.8% ABV, 45 IBU, 5.5 SRM.
American pale malt and Crystal 60. Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo and Simcoe hops.



The British developed the India Pale Ale with plenty of bitter English hops in order for the beer to survive the long sea passage to India. Not to be outdone, American craft brewers have taken this concept a step further. This double IPA is a high-alcohol, hop delivery mechanism distributed only while at its peak. Although well-balanced, the significant hop flavor and essences (over 100 IBU) lurking in this unassuming pale ale will spring on your taste buds and nose.
9.5% ABV, >100 IBU, 8 SRM
100% American pale malt. Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe, Citra and Amarillo hops. 



 Limited Releases:


Toeing the line between wine and beer, this behometh was fermented out with English and White Wine yeast that threw off some slightly spicy notes, the grain bill mimics a Belgian Single, with all late hop additions of Nelson Sauvin, which add notes of Chardonnay and pineapple. After fermentation, the beer was racked and aged on green harvest Merlot grapes from Nicewonder Vinyards, which add slight tartness to balance out the sweet contributed by a higher mash temp and the hops.
10.6%, 24.5 IBUs, 6.6 SRM


Very light on the palate with hints of chocolate and faint roast aroma. Non-stout drinkers will want to give this one a try and stout lovers won’t be disappointed.
6% ABV, 52 IBU, 33 SRM


A wet hop beer is one using whole hop cones straight from the vine. Our friends at Kelly Ridge Farms provided their harvest of Cascade hops for this smooth IPA. Late additions of Chinook, Cascade and CTZ for a citrusy, resiny aroma and flavor. The grain bill includes rye which imparts a bit of spiciness.
5.25%, 77 IBU, 9 SRM


This summer beer is a dramatic variation of our Whitetop Wheat. We add pounds of fresh blackberries after fermentation which feed the yeast and encourage further fermentation. This ‘double ferment’ leaves the beer very dry and a bit sour like a good blackberry should. We appreciate the seasonal availability of fresh fruit and celebrate with a limited edition beer. This beer is cloudy from fruit pectin and the natural purple color remains for your enjoyment.
5.9% ABV, 20 IBU, ~7 SRM
American pale and Wheat malts. Willamette and Centennial hops.


A malt lover’s delight: Malt forward, notes of toffee and raisin, roasty subtle hopping with a smooth finish.
4.7%, 24 IBUs, 15 SRM


In order to protect themselves from attacks from native tribes, including those led by Dragging Canoe, Joseph Black and other settlers constructed a fort along the banks of Wolf Creek. Inspired by these hearty souls, this brown ale is fortified with the best of all brewing ingredients in one glass. A blend of American malts balances the incredible hop load. In a blended style of hop intense IPA and smooth, malty English brown ale, each glass is literally saturated with hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma. You will get a strong citrus experience from Cascade and Centennial hops that stand at attention to accept the boldness in the malt bill.
6.8% ABV, 80 IBU, 20 SRM
American pale, CaraPils, Caramel 40, and Chocolate malts. Magnum, Cascade, and Centennial hops.


Warm up the winter season with this silky smooth, chocolate latte of an English style stout brewed especially for House on Main. Fresh oats give the beer a unique, velvety mouthfeel and residual sweetness. English Maris Otter base malt is enhanced by a hint of Victory malt for a biscuit, breakfast flavor, combined with dark roasted barley and chocolate malts that give this beer its intense color and chocolaty, coffee-like bitterness. Along with these layered winter flavors, there is a small hint of spring from the Kent Goldings hops in a bittering, earthy, grassy addition.
5.4% ABV, 35 SRM, 40 IBU, 4.3 ABW
Maris Otter, Victory, Chocolate, Dark Roasted Barley malt and Oatmeal. Kent Goldings hops.


Belgian Red Imperial IPA. Big bold hop flavor and aroma. 6 different hops. El Dorado, Sorachi Ace, Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Amarillo and Nugget.
9.2% ABV, 104 IBU, 17 ARM


Crisp and clean with lots of hop aroma and flavor. Soft mouth feel that vanishes from the palate.
4.9% ABV, 54 IBU, 3 SRM
Hops: Columbus, Amarillo, Centennial, Nelson Sauvin


Like the birthplace of Wolf Hills’s beer, this stout is steeped in genteel, Southern tradition while maintaining a modern flair. The integration of four different barley malts creates a mosaic of beer flavor. Accentuated by a bit of chocolate malt you will experience biscuit, bread, and caramel flavors, an intense but enjoyable bitterness from dark malts and a heavy hand of American Magnum and Centennial hops.
5.9% ABV, 68 IBU, and an impenetrable 41 SRM.
American pale, Roasted Barley, Caramel 40, and Chocolate malts. Magnum and Centennial hops.


A porter pitched with hefeweizen yeast for subtle banana flavors, with notes of vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut undertones.
4.52% ABV, 21 IBUs, 34 SRM


Whitetop Mountain was long considered the highest peak in Virginia as its snowy bald can be observed from all around and the panoramic views from its summit are unrivalled. Like a clear summer day on her cap, this wheat is light and crisp. The smooth wheat malt shines through with only a hint of Willamette and Centennial hops. The cloudiness in this beer comes from the wheat malt and the natural yeast character.
5.5% ABV, 30 IBU, 4 SRM
American pale and Wheat malts. Willamette and Centennial hops.


We cold steeped Zazzy’Z Coffee Roasters Yirgacheffe Ethiopian Coffee into an amber.
4.95%, 18 SRM, 33 IBUs
Light and sessionable with a distinct roasty, citrusy, cold brew aroma and flavor.