350 Park Street, Abingdon, VA

M-F: 5 - 9 pm, St: 1 - 9pm, Sn: 1 - 6pm


Our Beers

The following are descriptions of popular and past beers brewed at Wolf Hills.

This is not a complete list; all current tap selections can be found listed on the main page.

WHITE BLAZE HONEY CREAM ALE: Traditional cream ale style featuring a bit of corn adjuncts in the malt bill and Saaz hops. Ten pounds of Appalachian honey provides a rich, sweet flavor. 4.6% ABV, 5 SRM, 17 IBU.

TROOPERS ALLEY IPA: A backbone of pale, Vienna, and crystal malts holds up an aggressive American IPA. This slightly bitter ale is balanced by citrus coming from Centennial and Cascade hops both in the whirlpool and dry hop. 5.9% ABV, 9 SRM, 77 IBU.

CREEPER TRAIL AMBER ALE: Our most malt-forward of our four flagships, Creeper Trail is made from sweet crystal malts, a little bit of chocolate malt, and a touch of traditional hops. A small amount of cascade provides a citrus boost, but the end-of-boil hops are primarily Willamette.  5.7% ABV, 12.5 SRM, 30 IBU.

WOLF’S DEN DOUBLE IPA: A hop delivery mechanism for both flavor and aroma of American hops. We vary the hop bill a bit but typically use 3-4 pounds per barrel of Centennial and Amarillo. Otherwise this beer is all base Pale Ale malt and a bit of oats for mouthfeel. ABV 8.0%, SRM 6, IBU >100.

STONEWALL HEIGHTS OATMEAL STOUT: Named after the street where it all began. This oatmeal stout is smooth and velvety from flaked oats and wheat malt. A bit of chocolate malt, crystal malt, and black patent malts provide the dark color and complex malt profile. Attentive imbibers will get a blast of citrus from centennial hops added at the whirlpool. ABV 5.2%, SRM 40, IBU 39.

MARTHA WASHINGTON ESB: The first draft beer to be served at MaWa post prohibition. The ESB is an ‘Extra Special Bitter’ though it isn’t bitter. Rather, the name reflects the initial use of hops in English beers to offset the cloying sweetness of earlier beers. These beers were collectively referred to as ‘bitters’ and ranged from low to high alcohol (and were taxed accordingly). The extra special bitter has notes of toffee or butterscotch, was a touch bitter at first, but smooths out as you drink this low alcohol session beer. ABV 4.8, SRM 8, IBU 37.

FLATPICKER PILSNER: Our version of the traditional Czech pils features pilsner malts and Saaz hops. Many American beers were based on this style which is a simple recipe but a challenge to brew. Ingredients must be perfectly balanced to allow the lager yeast strain to do its job. ABV 4.7, SRM 3, IBU 28.

APPALACHIAN PALE LAGER: The traditional German lager showcases pilsner malts German Tradition hops, and the lager yeast strain. Lighter in body, alcohol, and hop flavor this is your all-day beer. ABV 4.3%, SRM 3, IBU 12.

CARRY ON WHEATWARD SON: Brewed with mostly wheat malt to provide body this beer is bready and spicy. Hops take a back seat to orange peel, coriander, and honey that combine to drive this beer on your palate. Similar to a Belgian Wit without the clove-like spiciness. ABV 5.0, SRM 7, IBU 19.

OLDE ICEHOUSE FARMHOUSE ALE: Farmhouse Ales and Saisons are characterized by wild yeast fermentations. While we did not let this beer ferment in the open we used a traditional Belgian yeast strain to develop spicy character. A very light beer, malt plays a minimal role to allow the yeast, German hops, and seeds of paradise to shine through. ABV 3.9%, SRM 3, IBU 33.

BLACK’S FORT BROWN ALE: A malty meal for the senses featuring six different malt varieties. Primary color and flavor come from pale chocolate and dark chocolate malts. This is a hybrid of Chris and Wes recipes. The style is American Brown Ale, so it’s not a sweet Newcastle-like clone beer. Most flavors come from specialty malts including pale and dark chocolate malts and crystal 40. The point of this beer is to showcase complex malt flavors but also to balance with the old-school Galena hops. ABV 5.5%, SRM 20, IBU 27.

OKTOBERFEST: A traditional lager brewed in the Marzen style. These beers were traditionally brewed at the end of winter and allowed to lager deep in the ground over the summer months. Released at Oktoberfest or similar autumn celebrations the Marzen was something you looked forward to all year and helped prepare you for the winter. Ours is brewed with traditional ingredients and aged for several months. ABV 5.9, SRM 9, IBU 22.

AULD MAGNUS WINTER WARMER: A beast of a big winter beer dosed with ginger, orange peel, and cranberry. Kind of like a barleywine on steroids. ABV 8.5%, SRM 9, 10.5 IBU.

PITTS MCGHEE BELGIAN GOLDEN SOUR WITH PEACHES: A collaboration with the Overmountain Brewers Homebrew Club. Intended to be a Belgian Golden Ale with Peach puree, this beer was accidentally soured due to the container it fermented in. Souring bacteria and brettanomyces “brett” yeast add sour and wild flavors to a great Belgian style beer.  This beer is considered extremely ‘dry’ because so little sugars remain in the beer because the yeasts and bacteria converted the majority of the sugars to alcohol. 7.2% ABV, 5 SRM, 17 IBU.

8TH ANNIVERSARY ALE: Style is a Belgian Tripel. 11% ABV, 21 IBU, 6 SRM. Made with basic malts, Belgian Candi Sugar, Hallertauer and Saaz hops, and a Belgian yeast strain. Fermented on apples from the brewery yard. Yeast strain provides spicy and clove-like peppery notes. Belgian Candi sugar and alcohol provide sweetness. A big, spicy-sweet Belgian-style beer.

BARLEYWINE: No name because it speaks for itself. 11% ABV, 15 SRM, 56 IBU. The original ‘high gravity’ beer style. Before Imperial stouts and Double IPAs, this beer was so strong people said it tasted like wine (but is made from barley). Simple, traditional English style recipe featuring English East Kent Goldings hops and high alcohol. This one is ‘only’ 11% and is super sweet because of the alcohol. This batch has been aged six months.

PLUMB ALLEY BELGIAN QUAD:    An enormous Belgian-style quadruple that has been aged for nearly one year. 10% ABV, 19 SRM, 43 IBU. Another spicy Belgian beer with candi sugar featuring Herkules and Opal hops. Aged on plums from Abingdon.  Plumb Alley bisects Abingdon and folklore suggests it was so named because it runs “plumb” through the town.

TESTING 1, 2:    Another batch of delicious American IPA dry hopped with Amarillo and Citra. 7% ABV, 7 SRM, 55 IBU. Chris and Wes went science-y and fermented this one fast and warm to see what happened. The result is a fruitier, yet hoppier, version of the traditional American IPA – with a high alcohol boost.

And many more. . . . . . Having a small 7 barrel (217 gallon) brewhouse allows us to make many small beers and experiment with different styles and flavors. We keep four year-round beers on tap and rotate six to ten other taps to provide both stability and variety.