149 Deadmore St. SE, Abingdon, VA

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Join the Wolf Pack Run Club

Abingdon, Virginia’s first and only Run Club. Started by Wolf Hills Brewing Company as a way to meet new running buddies and have a fun run (or walk!). Each member of the Wolf Hills Brewing clan is an avid runner, and thought it would be a great way to blend our two loves, running and craft beer.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm, we meet at the brewery, 350 Park Street, Abingdon, VA, and run down to the Creeper Trail together. We will meet back at the brewery to appropriately re-carb. Bring your dog, bring your strollers, kids on bikes, etc. Come join us!

This is a free club, all runners and all paces are welcome. We hope you’ll make it the best part of your week!