149 Deadmore St. SE, Abingdon, VA

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January has some pretty nice things in store around here… (cont.)

An illustrated example of a possible view in your future.


The Wolf Den has so much to offer in the month of January with new upcoming beer releases on tap, new art on display, more standing room and, as usual, an entertaining line-up of musicians!

This month’s art show is a collaboration of Abingdon artists Margaret Gregg and Alan O’Neal. The show, entitled “Sequence” went on display Jan. 8 and will continue to be up through out the month. Gregg is primarily known for her painterly approach to textile/fiber works with shows throughout the region. She also delves into mixed media and with the help of O’Neal, a painter, printmaker and drawing artist, the two have culminated a fresh work of art.

“It’s a natural outcome of how we work individually, brought together in a harmonious way, blending our two working styles,” said O’Neal. According to the artist’s statement, “Sequence” starts with a linear pretext of current communication but rapidly disassembles the known by reshuffling the pieces. The viewer now becomes a participant reading from their own conscious pool of associations what is coming to them, what is speaking to them in their sequential experience.

The artwork was tailored to Wolf Hills and the tasting room space, thus requiring your presence to get a good feel of all the nice feng shui we have going on in addition to the newly expanded standing room near the bar.

That’s right… More space to hold a pint glass comfortably and converse with friends while enjoying all the visual and musical stimulation your heart could desire.