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Guy Marshall Band

July 21, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

It’s a vivid memory for Adam McNulty: crawling over rocks and fallen trees at the headwaters of mountain streams, his smiling grandfather — the man for whom he would later name his band — beckoning him onward.

Guy Marshall Shirley would help his grandson turn over rocks, catching crawdads and salamanders with hands callused from decades of hard work as service station owner in the Appalachian mountain town of Boone, N.C. Together, they’d walk down to where those streams widened out into rushing rivers, stands of trees crawling up steep hillsides around them, ground fog slipping over summits like the ghosts of ancestors long since passed.

Shirley passed away in 2008, but the kind of man that he was and the land he called home lives on in the music made by McNulty and his wife, Sarrenna. Together with a few talented friends, they’ve made Guy Marshall an up-and-coming East Tennessee roots-rock outfit that plays with touching beauty and sincerity.

“I’m big into family, so a lot of the songs I’ve written about my grandfathers is a desire to have known them better — both of them, especially Guy Marshall Shirley,” Adam McNulty told The Daily Times this week. “He was just a hard-working guy in the Boone area, an upstanding guy, and the coolest thing to me was that he was a real funny guy, but he seemed as deep as anything. He was a guy I always looked up to as a hard worker and a prime example of a man taking care of his family.

“We’ve tried to vocalize or put into words why we love that so much. There’s just something about the old ways and men from that era, they just seemed to have something I don’t think too many people have anymore. It’s something we’ve lost, and a lot of our songs are kind of reminiscent of those things.”

Check them out at guymarshallband.com.


July 21, 2017
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Wolf Hills Brewing Co.